Greetings to everyone from the "Class of Spring 1980" - I am really sorry to miss the reunion - this was probably my last chance this century to see Cowpie and the Nitrogen Fixation, and I regret that very much.

All those years ago, I was Kathy McCrory.  Now I answer primarily to "mommy" since I've given up most of my career to raise three beautiful daughters.  They are Katie(6), Maggie(7) and Mary Beth(2).  It was a long, interesting road to this point in my life.

After graduating from WMU in 1982, I married my guy from Waterviliet, Mike McVay, and moved to Los Angeles for two hectic years.   I hated the lack of seasons and we moved to Charlotte, Norh Carolina in 1984.  We've been there ever since.  The summers are purgatory, but the spring and fall are unparalleled and more than make up for it.

I spent the next 5 years as a special event, promotions and convention coordinator for Waldenbooks, planning literary events throughout the southeast.  I wanted to expand my range, so from there I became a group tour and meeting planner for AAA Travel and AMEX.  After 4 more years of extensive travel, motherhood caught up with me.  Somehow(?!) we ended up with 3 babies in under five years!  My travel wings have been clipped for now, and I can only dream about the days of whale-watches off the New England coast and umbrella drinks on Caribbean islands...I vow to return to those days again, if I can just get my middle child into kindergarten! (One more year to go!)

While I am officially a stay-at-home mom for now, I have been trying to keep my brain somewhat active by teaching night classes at a local trade school and our community college (CPCC) which allows me to see a whole new side of academia.  I like teaching, but would rather be planning ecotours!

Here I am with with daughters 1 and 2, just found out I'm expecting #3!

How did my experience at the LT Homesteading Farm affect my life, you ask?  Probably the most meaningful is in how I raise my kids - with an appreciation for the truly significant things: enjoying the process as much as the end result, treading lightly on the earth, and valuing what nature provides for us.  Mostly, to be a good steward.  In my professional life, I have done my best to promote ecotourism and to create educational and interesting ways for travelers to experience the world in its natural state.  (I haven't lost a whale watcher yet!)

But enough about me... in an attempt to recreate my memories of my time at the farm, I looked through some old files, and found this scribbled list.  I have no specific memory of making this list, but I am sure glad I did.  For your enjoyment (and memory prodding) here it is:


  1. Dancing with Tammy
  2. Turkey fertilizer and bandannas
  3. Marilyn
  4. The washing maching that walked by itself
  5. Ozzie and Harriet
  6. Bikerides to the cemetery
  7. Swimming in John's pond
  8. Wild strawberries
  9. Sally's rhubarb wine
  10. Pea soup with goat
  11. Apple jack from the cellar (Jon, do you have any more?)
  12. Cows peeking in the front windows
  13. Bread like lead
  14. Saturday night pig castration party!
  15. Line-dried jeans that could stand on their own
  16. Peg
  17. The mysterious spontaneous explosion in the chicken yard
  18. Cowpie and Nitrogen Fixation
  19. That crazy blackboard                          ....(and most importantly)
  20. The Rabbit Challenge!  Last known recorded score was:
                                                                                   Rabbits:  14
                                                                                   Humans:  6

I think about everyone and hope to hear what y'all have done with your lives and want to hear about the roads taken.  Swan, I don't remember the car wash story, but believe it in full.  John, stay out of chicken coops.  Robin, you were a great roomate.  Mark and Mike, did you ever cut your hair?  Yeah, I'm still blonde.  It hides the gray so wonderfully.  Maynard, I wish there were more of you in the world.  You are truly an inspiration.  I wish you all well and hope to hear more from everyone.

Kathleen McVay (nee McCrory)
email: mcvay5@bellsouth.net
3515 Chistow Rd.  Mathews, NC 28105

Jon and the oracle blackboard.

Robin tasting something vegetarian, no doubt.

John and Marilyn

Dave has a long day hauling the gravity box.

What'cha doing Mike?

Kate takes the long way home.

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